Inside a Mine – Interactive

Una mina por dentro

Chile is a mining country and are 174,125 people working in the mining of various kinds. Each of these people have a different experience.

While mine may be the scariest place in the world, as it was for the 33 miners who were trapped in the San José mine, there are others that do meet the safety standards required to be just a place to work.

We wanted to show how the work in a field that shows high levels of care to the risks that have this activity.

And one of them is mine El Sauce, the miner’s Ashes. Here are three emergency exits and miners can communicate to the outside by phone, pagers, computers and radios. There are four shelters with food and water.

Mining invests in monthly trainings to teach face an emergency. Thus, this project will see a place where the concern to reduce the high stakes of this actvidad are fulfilled to the fullest, without repeating the ordeal they lived “in the 33” and had the whole world waiting for their fate.

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