Pizza Wars – Interactive Graphic

Pizza Wars – Interactive Graphic

Cheap pizza joints are abundant in Happy Valley, but it can be difficult to know which one not only tastes the best, but gives you the best value.

To solve this mystery, a panel of Daily Collegian reporters conducted a blind taste test of eight pizza places:

  • Bell’s Greek Pizza, 214 E. Calder Way
  • Brother’s NY Style Pizzeria, 204 E. College Ave.
  • Canyon Pizza, 260 E. Beaver Ave.
  • College Mart Pizza, 128 Locust Lane
  • Corrinado’s Pizza, 114 Hetzel St.
  • Gumby’s Pizza, 300 S. Pugh St.
  • Mamma Mia’s,, 128 E. College Ave.
  • Sarina’s II, 220 W. College Ave.

Our panel of reviewers — which included me and Collegian performing arts reporter Hannah Rishel — tested a slice of cheese pizza from each eatery and gave the piece an overall rating between one and five, five being the best.

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