Video Interview

Video Interview

In this video interview example, learners can simulate a real-world conversation using interactive video and text-based questions. This video interview was created for a recent…
Interactive Video Quiz Example

Interactive Video Quiz Example

Here's an example of an interactive video quiz in e-learning. The quiz was designed in Articulate Storyline and can be downloaded from the E-Learning Heroes…
E-learning Video Quiz

E-learning Video Quiz

Interactive Video Quiz for E-Learning E-learning video quiz idea designed in Articulate Storyline. View the interactive quiz

A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney

A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney Andy Rooney’s weekly segment on “60 Minutes,” in which he addressed mostly mundane subjects with varying degrees of befuddlement,…

Under One Roof [Interactive Video]

Under One Roof [Interactive Video] n New York City, 10 percent of households span three generations or more, according to the Census Bureau. Untold others,…

Super Bowl ad showdown

Super Bowl ad showdown What were the hits and misses from Sunday's big game? Watch and rate all the ads in our interactive presentation. View…

Obama’s Address in Arizona

Obama’s Address in Arizona President Obama offered the nation’s condolences on Wednesday to the victims of the Tucson shooting rampage, urging Americans to usher in…
Top 10 Composers

Top 10 Composers

Top 10 Composers Anthony Tommasini explores what makes a classical composer great, maybe even the best, in this video series. View the interactive audio and…

Faces to Watch

Faces to Watch - Interactive Video Clips from five breakthrough performances of the season. View the interactive video project

The Beauty of the Power Game

The Beauty of the Power Game A video gallery of top female tennis players — in slow motion. View the interactive video project

We Are LeBron

We Are LeBron In the fight for the basketball star LeBron James, Cleveland fans have staged an aggressive, heartfelt video campaign using songs like "We…


FAREWELL TO TEXAS STADIUM Video from inside the Texas Stadium Implosion. Experience the  immersive, interactive video example

Working in Willets Point

Working in Willets Point Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg wants to sweep aside the junkyards, small factories and car-repair shops of Willets Point, Queens, to make…

Syllabus Sampler

Syllabus Sampler Courses by some of the world’s foremost scholars are online, free for the viewing. Here, browse a selection of lecture videos. View the…

Voices of the Tea Party

Voices of the Tea Party The New York Times asked supporters of the Tea Party movement to submit videos, up to two minutes long, describing…
Obama’s First 100 Days

Obama’s First 100 Days

Obama's First 100 Days A collection of videos cataloging the work of Obama since taking office. View the video interactive
Analyzing Obama’s Inaugural Speech

Analyzing Obama’s Inaugural Speech

Analyzing Obama’s Inaugural Speech Interactive video and transcript of President Barack Obama's inaugural remarks on Jan. 20, 2009. View the interactive transcript and video
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