Animated graphic: The morning after pill

Animated graphic: The morning after pill

There are two types of these pills on the market. The first, based on levonorgestrel, must be taken within 72 hours after sex and is reducing its effectiveness as it nears the end of that time. The latest, called the five-day pill, is as active ulipristal acetate and saving time and safety, since taking the tablet has the same degree of effectiveness is administered at the beginning or end of 120 hours intercourse. Only it is more expensive (about € 20), no reimbursement and need a prescription, unlike the first that is freely available and can be acquired for free in health centers. However, it should be noted that if a woman needs to do many repetitions in the same month, then it is preferable to take the pill contraception regular, which is more effective and cheaper. Although, unlike the idea that was growing in some heads, the use of emergency oral pill does not increase the risk of a pregnancy outside the uterus, nor the risk of fetal malformation, or so-little risk of infertility. These are some of the myths that Tereza Paula would like to see broken once and for all. “There is an overdose that might be bad for health.” Just keep in mind that 40 years ago women took a daily dosage with hormonal burden “corresponding to the morning-after pills.”

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