Hi I’m David and I’m the curator at E-learning Examples. I’ve been an e-learning designer for almost 15 years. During that time, I’ve designed and developed dozens of e-learning courses for companies like NASCAR, Delta, Coors, Mercedes, Arizona DOT, and many more.

What’s the most important  thing I learned from working with so many different companies?

I think it would be the realization that  there wasn’t a single or “right” way to design e-learning. Design models, production processes, and even the courseware models were different. Everyone was is still figuring it out and adapting along the way.

Historically, the challenge for instructional designers was finding publicly available examples. Corporate examples were protected behind firewalls and e-learning service providers pre-qualified people before providing access to selected samples. And that’s one of the reasons for this site.

I started E-learning Examples to showcase the best of corporate and rapid e-learning. Along the way, I discovered some of the best examples of multimedia learning were coming from visual and multimedia journalism. I see a lot of overlap between both industries. And since visual journalism examples are rarely hidden behind corporate firewalls, I felt adding them would provide even more inspiration for those designing and developing e-learning.

Today I’m in a fun role where I can support others who design and develop e-learning. Here are a few places you can find me:

I hope you enjoy the examples. Comment if you like. Submit sites you think will add value and please contact me with any questions.