9/11 – the comic book

9/11 – the comic book

Splattering words like Whooom! and Blam! across cartoon versions of the burning Twin Towers might seem like a risky way to depict the worst ever attack on American soil.

Unsurprisingly, a few eyebrows were raised when graphic artists Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon decided to produce their version of the 9/11 Commission Report in that most American of media – the comic book. Their 144-page book recounts the horrific events which led to the devastation of the World Trade Centre in parallel with reactions from the government.

The Arabs may be dastardly and the firemen heroic, but it makes an impressive read, distilling a complex story into a series of timelines. Jacobson insists that the book remains faithful to the Commission’s findings, arguing that the graphic art helps people, particularly younger readers, to grasp what happened. Elaine Hake

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